Friday, October 28, 2011

Alone at last

After having Tre home from school sick for the last two days he and Izzie are both at school today!  I'm glad Tre is feeling so much better, all day wednesday all I kept thinking  was that I didn't want him to go through the 8 weeks of coughing he did last winter. It's amazing how 2 days off can get them both out of routine! This morning was a bit like pulling teeth trying to get them dressed and out the door-especially since Izzie has a halloween party at preschool this morning so she needed to wear her costume. She looked so cute as Super Girl with pink from head to toe! So now I have until 12:30 to do whatever i on the piles of fabric already cut and waiting to be made into dresses? straighten up the house since my parents will be here this afternoon to pick up the kids? go into the garage and dig out my huge tote full of winter clothes now that it's 30 degrees? I think I'll start with some breakfast and another cup of coffee....

Thursday, October 27, 2011

RGOriginals is coming!

(by the way, did I mention that my boyfriend, who is also my high-school sweetheart, is absolutely amazing?)