Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Crayon Roll and Reversible Tote Sets

Perfect for the little artist in your life, these crayon rolls and reversible tote sets carry their crayons and coloring books while they are on the go!

Each crayon roll holds 16 crayons and has an elastic closure, which is easy for little hands to close.

The matching  reversible tote is roomy enough to hold coloring books and some toys but with sturdy straps the right length for kids. It has a divided pocket both on the inside and outside to stash things too.

Though I don't usually use licensed fabrics (they cost more and there are too many other cute prints to choose from!) I didn't want to leave the boys out! Here is a set I just made for a recent order.

For the toddlers I make the bags a little smaller and the crayon rolls big enough to hold 16 fat crayons.

These can be made in any of my fabric choices (see the end of  my reusable snack bags post) and I sell them for $16 a set or $6 for regular size crayon roll, $8 for fat crayon roll and $12 for tote, $10 for toddler tote. These take a bit of time to complete so allow up to 3 weeks from payment to delivery.

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