Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pleated Purse

The first purse I ever made was this pleated purse. It was right before Christmas so guess what everyone got as gifts, haha.

 I had originally bought these fabrics for a dress, but wanted to try something new. I've been hooked on bags ever since!

Then I found a pattern for this organizer and loved the idea. It has a few layers of interfacing to both pad and protect your items and also to give it enough structure to stand upright in your purse. They're great for those of us that have more than one purse, it's designed to fit into whatever size bag you have!

 I like the details on this purse-the pleating, the handles with both exterior and interior fabric, the flat bottom makes it roomy enough to hold everything you need and there's 2 divided pockets inside.

I was so nervous about adding the magnetic closure that I actually left it out on the first one I made, lol! To my relief it's really easy and now I put them in without a second thought.

 I LOVE this fabric! It, too, was bought with a dress in mind, I was going to make pants out of the houndstooth for my son for matching Christmas outfits...needless to say I never got around to it. Since I started making purses the only clothes I've made were because someone ordered them.

I noticed that I have some things on my facebook page that I haven't put on my blog, this is the first one. I'm trying to find extra time this week to make sure I have everything I've made on both pages. Crayon rolls with matching reversible totes are up next!


  1. Put your new one up on here and Facebook too.

    By the way, starting an Etsy site is super easy! I just listed the big purse w/ a bow and those little bags, because I don't have pictures of anything else (not yet made), and it was a piece of cake. Hopefully today I'll be able to make and list the blankets so I can remove the bags. They were my trial run :)

  2. Hi there

    Your purse looks great knowing you just learnt how to make bags. I am a craft beginer as well, and I start sewing bags and stuff. U-Handbag brought me to your blog, happy sewing! Feel free to follow me, just started my blog a few days ago