Saturday, November 5, 2011

photo shoot scheduled!

    So I have the patterns, measurements, prices, sample pieces made, and account started on etsy, the next big hurdle was pictures. My wonderful friend Kate Echle just so happens to be a FANTASTIC photographer and I knew her eye for style would be just what I needed. Looking through etsy pages I'm always drawn to the clothes that are in very well done photos first over just a dress on a hanger against a solid backdrop. I love Kate's work, she sees things in a way that leaves you wanting more and that's how I want potential customers to feel. We have a photo shoot scheduled for monday. Izzie loves Kate and is always a willing model for her. I'm so excited that I bought some fabric and started 5 new pieces, a peasant dress, 2 skirts, and a matching crayon roll and tote. Unfortunately this horrible cold that I can't seem to shake (ugh) and our already full weekend is making completing all these projects difficult. I'm just going to keep working and take what I can on monday, because I know Kate will far exceed any expectations I have!!! Now I better get back to work!

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  1. I can't wait to get your Etsy site up and running!! We're going to have fun with RGO!