Tuesday, November 15, 2011

there will be good days and there will be bad days

After all the stress of last week I took the weekend off to relax. The kids were at their dads and Jeff and I had a great weekend. I was so ready to get back to work monday, had a list of projects to complete and things to do, especially with Tre's birthday party coming this saturday and thanksgiving around the corner (we're having 12 people at our house!!) Then disaster struck, the new fabric I bought for the boys tote and crayon roll that Izzie's school asked me to donate was hard to work with and the crayon roll kept unraveling. After messing with it for a LONG time I thought I'd finally got it and as I was sewing the top stitch I saw that it had come apart again at the bottom, only now it was too late, I had to start the whole thing over again. Then Tre came home with a ton of homework and before I knew it the kids were in bed, Jeff was at his studio editing this weeks show and I was making a new crayon roll, which luckily turned out great, but I was up until after 1am. Then this morning I woke up excited, I had plans to go to Joann Fabrics in Hudson after I dropped off the kids at school. To explain, when I lived in Youngstown I had 5 craft stores with in close driving distance and here I have one, Hobby Lobby. Don't get me wrong, I like Hobby Lobby, but I LOVE Joann and I'd heard the one in Hudson was HUGE! Considering that most mornings I leave to drop off Tre in sweats  and eat when I come back it was HUGE to have all 3 of us up, dressed and fed AND walking out of the door on time. I dropped the kids off and headed to Hudson, following my GPS. It ended up taking me to the distribution center, which I learned later was just a block away, the actual store sat way off the road and didnt have a sign at the road like the distribution center did, lol, but I eventually found it. It felt like walking into paradise! It was HUGE, one whole side of the store was fabric front to back! Me being me, after an hour and a half of walking around, I had picked and put back 5 fabrics and 2 patterns and ended up leaving with 9 spools of serger thread (which was why I went in the first place) and 2 spools of regular thread, lol. I figured I'd go back after I'd played with my new serger and figured it out, it was (relatively) easy to find and easy to get there and back while Izzie was at school. I happily walk back to my car, get in and turn the key...click, click, click, nothing. What?!?!?! Again, click, click, click, nothing. OH MY GOD! WHAT?!?!?!? My battery was dead! I pull out my AAA card and call, they say 40 minutes, should be plenty of time to get back home to get Izzie. As time ticks by I get more and more nervous, I don't know where I am, no one lives close enough to help me get Izzie if I can't make it, without a car I can't get Tre back and forth to school, and on and on. I ask Jeff to call me and while we are talking I flip out, completely lose it, it's been 45 minutes, I'm never going to make it to get Izzie on time! I try to calm down, it will be ok. After an hour and a half the guy finally shows up and I'm on my way. The school told me it was no problem, half her class goes all day anyway so she was fine. I didn't turn off my car while I was inside picking her up, we make it home fine. I feed us both lunch, start cleaning and getting chicken thawed for dinner. Jeff calls about 35 minutes before we have to pick up Tre and tries to tell me where the battery charger is in case my car won't start. I find it, but not the cables. I try my car, it's dead again. I walk around to the neighbors I know will be home, no jumper cables. Luckily Jeff can come home early to go pick up Tre so I email the teacher, tell her to let Tre know to look for Jeff's car and not mine. I'm beyond upset by now, I had a million things to do today, this week! Jeff finds the cables when he gets home and charged my car for the next 3 hours, still wont't start. Needless to say, now tomorrow's plans are changed too, I need a new battery. I'm such a routine person this has all just been too much for me. It may sound silly, but I had a LONG list of things to do and the last 2 days have put me so far behind I can't stand it. I guess luckily I can just go to bed and wake up with a new plan and work from that, hoping I'll get it all done and knowing, somehow, that I will, I always do. I know that this was VERY long winded, but I had to get it off my chest so I could move on and wake up tomorrow with a positive attitude!

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