Monday, November 7, 2011

What a long day!

     It's not even 9 and I'm contemplating going to bed! I'm exhausted! After spending the weekend finishing up a peasant dress, 2 skirts, a matching crayon roll and tote, and a rosette hair clip in between finishing a seal habitat diorama and report with Tre, writing out his birthday invitations, and having my future mother-in-law aka "Grandma Betty" spend the whole day sunday which was filled with a big family lunch at Outback, then a trip to Kohl's (we love to shop together!) and 2 grocery stores with Jeff while Grandma Betty watched the kids, I was almost dreading the scheduled photo shoot from sheer exhaustion. Turns out that Kate also had too much on her plate and I woke up to a text canceling it. To tell the truth I was a bit relieved, I needed a break! My mom, who was going to help out today by getting Tre from school, then suggested that she come to my house and we just do the pictures ourselves since I've been working so hard and so I don't loose momentum. It took me a while to get into that idea, but before I knew it I was cleaning up our dining room/hobby room since we have the beautiful chaise in there and it has the best natural light (aside from the playroom but it is NOT what I want potential customers seeing!) Amazingly Izzie was into it, though I think knowing that Grammy was coming for a visit and she was getting a treat after we were done helped her out! We all had a lot of fun, I took about 250 pictures and Isabel hung in there like a champ! We finished in time to give Izzie her treat and sit around the table for a few minutes before my mom had to leave and Izzie and I had to run off to school to get Tre, then snack, homework, play, dinner, math games on the computer and bedtime routine. I've started sorting through the multitude of pictures and after deleting out of focus or crazy faces I'm down to 157, lol. It's going to take me a day or so to figure this all out and Jeff, my CIO, has to record his show tonight so he won't have time to help. Yeah, my bed is sounding better and better right now! Isabel has preschool tomorrow, I can take a look at the pictures then, alone, with fresh eyes because right now they are drooping.

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