Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New projects and orders

     After a lot of thought, some advice from my sister and many conversations with my loving CIO (lol, I love calling him this) I have decided to take the next few months to concentrate on making purses and bags and hold off on starting any new clothing projects. I only sewed sporadically before this fall so everything I'm doing is basically new to me. It makes more sense to focus just on one area at a time rather then trying to learn a ton of stuff all at one time. The more experience I get in bag making the less time it takes to make each one, and the better they look. Here are a few of the things I've been working on...

This is the purse I made from Jeff's mom's old pleated skirts. Those skirts yielded 4 yards of fabric each after I seam ripped all the pleats!! This was fun to make, but I plan to change the design up just a bit  before I make the next one. I only have enough of these 2 fabrics left for one more, which Betty already requested. I will post better pics once the new design is finished.

OK, lol, this pic rotated once I posted it and I couldn't get it to go back! This is a cute little zippered pouch, I love these fabrics and think the red zipper and piping add a nice touch and make the fabric colors pop!

Here's a new bag that I made this weekend. I love the long strap, the shape of the bag, and the fabric! I used duckcloth for this bag and it's lined with fleece which makes it both sturdy and soft. The opening of the bag was a bit difficult so I think I'm going to work on the sizing a bit, but keep the idea the same.

This is a baby seat cover the preschool asked me to make. It was actually a difficult project considering I only had a very old, worn cover to use for reference. I was SHOCKED when I took it to the school yesterday to try it out and it fit perfectly!! I only made this one to make sure it fit (I was sure I would have to make tons of adjustments) so now I have to make 3 more. It's lined with fleece and I used a big soft blanket for the back to  protect the fleece and add more softness. I serged the edges of each of the 3 main pieces before sewing it all together knowing they would be washed frequently, I figured it would help them last longer. The school was going to reimburse me for the materials and then pay me for my time but we agreed on just putting that money towards tuition, yay!!

I still have another order I'm working on (goose clothes, don't's money right?!) and some I haven't yet started (4 crayon rolls and totes, a dress, a purse and a laptop bag.) Luckily everyone is pretty casual right now about when they want their stuff done which allows me time to work on creating new stuff at the same time without being overwhelmed. Right now though I need to go back to daily life and get to the grocery store! Have a good day :)


  1. Thanks! It helps to have such a great CIO ;)

  2. Clearly you have a thing for bags! Love your site. Check out mine.