Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Easy Upcycles

My son has been asking me to make something for him since he sees everything I make for his sister. I decided to step into the world of boy's clothes slowly and simply and I found an quick and easy tutorial at Make It and Love It to turn pants into shorts.

When I first showed them to him he thought I made them from scratch, lol! He had a few pairs of pants that he either got too tall for or got holes in that I was just going to get rid of until I saw that tutorial...
so I pulled out my scissors and double needle..
now my boy has 3 new pairs of shorts! Lol, he wanted to look tough with his basketball :)

I have a few other ideas for projects for him too, my first try at making shorts from scratch needs some adjusting (and better fabric choices, right, Jeff, lol) and a few t-shirt refashions I haven't gotten to yet.

Speaking of t-shirt refashions...

My daughter has been wanting a Star Wars t-shirt and I'd seen this tutorial  a while ago so I gave it a shot. It literally took me 15 minutes and she loves it! 

After these easy upcycles turned out so well I'm hunting for some more ideas to repurpose their outgrown clothes-especially because, at their age, they often outgrow things they've barely worn.

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