Monday, July 2, 2012

Go To Signature Dress

Since I'm becoming more comfortable with knits I decided I needed  to step it up a bit, though sometimes one of my faults (strengths?) is that I tend to aim pretty high and try the hardest things first. When I saw the Go To Signature Dress pattern I thought it was the perfect way to learn some new things while expanding  Izzie's wardrobe! The pattern has TONS of options with 18 pages of detailed instructions and tips. I was slightly nervous from the beginning-it has set-in sleeves(never done before,) rib knit neckline (never done before,) and I chose the most basic option then decided to add some flower appliques (never done before!)   

The instructions were really clear and easy to follow and she gives you lots of tips along the way. I had a little difficulty with the neckline. I ended up stretching both the ribbing and the dress, which just stretched out the whole thing and made it bigger then it should be...but not terribly noticeable (right?!?! don't lie, I can't stop looking at it either!)

The sleeves were another thing that was new for me. Luckily she explains it so well I didn't have much trouble. (Yeah they look a bit uneven in this picture, I think she was getting fidgety. Poor kid, I took pictures of her in 4 dresses that morning! But she's still giving me her sweet little smiles, sun in her eyes and all!)

The flower appliques were also a first for me and I mostly put them on there to keep her interested in the dress by adding pink. In Isabel's world if it doesn't have pink or rainbows then FORGET IT, she's not even looking at it let alone wearing it! Anyway, back to the flowers. As long as you don't look too close at them then they look pretty cute, *cough* but really I need to practice sewing in circles before I attempt them again, haha.

It is far from perfect but I am SO PROUD of how it turned out!!! And lucky for me Izzie loves it even though there's not much pink on it. This pattern is perfect for beginners since she guides you through every step. I love all the options-length, sleeves, pockets and waistbands-all in one pattern! I have already started on the second one, using a striped knit (luckily she also gives you clear instructions on how to cut patterns on stripes so they line up correctly.) So far the neckline went much better now that I understand it and I'm almost done with it. I am so glad I bought this pattern, I have learned so much!


  1. Love it! The flowers are almost as adorable as your model! And the nice thing about necklines is that they can be so many different sizes =) I am SO thrilled you love the pattern! Can't wait to see the one with stripes!

  2. This is my favorite dress that you've ever made. The flowers look amazing and are perfect for that dress. Great job!