Monday, January 9, 2012

Movin' Along

     Yesterday's class went well, I actually learned more than I thought I would! She covered different stretch stitches, which was perfect because I've been reading a lot about sewing with knits and learning those those stitches was just the push I needed to actually get started. I had gotten 2 free feet with my new Viking when I bought it and, considering my emotional state that day after my Singer died, I picked one very useful foot (a piping foot that I LOVE) and one I would never use (double welt cording foot.) I took the useless foot to class with me and asked if I could exchange it, luckily she said yes even without my receipt, so I got a walking foot. Everything I have read says a walking foot is essential for knits so I was pretty excited! I got a discount on whatever I bought because I took the class so I also got a pack of ballpoint needles and a twin needle, two other must-haves for knits. Of course I walked through the whole fabric section making mental notes of what I wanted on my next trip, then grabbed the last pieces of hardware I needed for my dad's bag and headed home to play with my new stuff!
     Last night I finally got to sit at my machine and spent about an hour cutting up an old t-shirt and trying out everything I'd learned with my new gear. The walking foot is WILD!! First of all it's huge and it's very cool to see the teeth moving up and down but even better is how it feeds the fabric through so I get perfect flat seams every time! I can't wait to get a few yards of some cute knits and start working!!
     This morning I realized I had only a week to finish my dad's bag so I decided I better get moving! I spent the morning interfacing all the pieces (have I mentioned how much I HATE interfacing?!?!) then real life interrupted for a few hours, grocery shopping, pick up Tre from school, homework, make dinner, clean up, finished laundry, pj's, read, bedtime, then I got back to it. Unfortunately I found out that Jeff had to record tonight (in the same room that I sew in) so I only got to work for about another hour. Once I got upstairs (my hang-out when he's recording) I looked at my book-I have finished the first 6 steps, which got me excited until I turned the page and saw that there are 23 total steps, lol! Oh well, Izzie has school tomorrow so I'll have a good amount of time to work on it. 
     I need to keep moving on it because I have 3 orders in line behind it. None of them have firm deadlines, but the first 2 are big orders that involve me having to make the patterns myself from examples they gave me. Then my mom is trying to convince me to sign up for a craft show in March. I haven't made up my mind about it yet. for right now I just need to keep moving forward...

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