Sunday, January 29, 2012

Wristlet set

My newest project that I worked on this weekend is a wristlet set that includes a sunglasses case, lipgloss case and phone case that has 2 pockets. It was a long process so I thought I'd post not only the finished pieces but also some of the steps along the way. To start, here's the completed set...

Now that I've made the first set and worked out a few kinks I can't wait to make more, it's so cute! The pattern for this came on a HUGE tissue pattern paper filled with about 30 different patterns! Luckily I had seen a post about using freezer paper showing the easiest way to trace patterns from these. I think the kids thought I was crazy, but this was the best way to see through the freezer paper. The sliding glass doors were the only thing big enough otherwise I would have had to move it each time I traced a new piece.

I got really excited when I was done tracing all the pieces, but once I finished cutting them out I started wondering what had I gotten myself into!

It was right after this that I got stuck, is was kind of like writers block. I had traced another pattern that day from that same huge paper, got a new book with a few bags I wanted to make, and then went shopping and got a bunch of new fabric. It was almost as if I had too much in my head at one time and couldn't figure out where to start! I talked to my sister and Jeff a few times trying to sort everything out but it wasn't until my sweet baby girl said to me Friday morning when I was on the computer "Mommy, I thought you said you had sewing projects to do, so what are you doing?!" Hahaha, motivation from a 4 year old! I actually had a busy day already but managed to get all the fabric cut and interfaced (luckily less then half needed it-I HATE interfacing!)

I finally sat down and really got to work Saturday, determined to get it finished. Much to my dismay I figured out halfway though the wristlet that the directions were wrong and the zipper they called for was about 3 inches too short!! I had already been to the fabric store earlier and was not going to waste any more time so I just made do by cutting off 1 1/2 inches off the sides of the bag. It was frustrating and took a bit of work to get it to look right, but it turned out ok. I'll use the correct size next time! I also changed the pattern a bit by adding a swivel hook to the strap so it can be removed easily.

(ugh! sometimes my pics rotate when I post them and even Jeff can't figure out why!)

I love the cases with this set! They go great all together or can be used separately, plus they can be used for whatever your heart desires! First I made the phone case. It holds my iPhone with plenty of extra room and it has fleece lining to keep your phone protected. It also has 2 nice pockets to keep money, ID, or credit cards.

Next I made a sunglasses case. It is also lined with fleece to keep your sunglasses safe inside your bag. Like the phone case, it has a flap with a velcro closure. I'm so glad my sister talked me into using the buttons, they really add a nice touch!

Last, but not least, is a lipgloss case, it's a great size for your make-up though it can hold any of the little things usually floating around at the bottom of your purse. It has a larger flap with velcro closure to keep your smaller items put!

I had a lot of fun and my fair share of stress making this set. Thanks to my sister's advice I got to try something new-fabric covered buttons. They were fun to make and really add to the little cases. The 3 I used helped me learn about fabric placement for each button and also placement on the flaps...I've been getting a lot of practice with hand sewing lately! You can buy kits at the store to make your own, I can already see lots of projects using these coming in my future!

As if the misprint on the zipper size wasn't stressful enough, I misread the directions on the phone case and made a crucial mistake...oops, I missed to directions for adding the velcro to the case!! I noticed the bottom pocket wasn't straight and then the seams came apart! I ended up having to start from scratch and make another one, the first one was a MESS!! I learned from my mistakes and was a LOT more careful in the construction of the second one!

So there you go, a wristlet with 3 accessory cases! I know I could have just shown you the set and the individual pieces but it was an interesting journey to get this project done and I wanted to share it. 

Like I said earlier, I have a LOT of ideas and a bunch of new fabric so keep checking back for fun new projects! If you see anything you want please leave me a comment, anything I make can be made in (almost) any fabric I have and I like doing custom orders. The next order I'm working on is for a friend that wanted the elements of 2 different purses I make combined so I've designed a whole new purse for her! I'll be posting pictures of that next week hopefully. I also have pictures on my facebook page that I haven't posted on here yet, crayon roll and tote bag sets, a purse and purse organizer and a few dresses, skirts and hair accessories, those are all coming to the blog soon!
Have a great day!!


  1. Great job!! They look awesome

    1. Thanks Bec! I really appreciate all your support and advice!