Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Organized Office Bag...a.k.a. Dad's Bag

It's DONE! I worked most of the day Tuesday to finish it, stopping only for the regular daily grind, lol, I even made dinner in the crockpot to give me more time. So in honor of my first really BIG project turning out as well as it did, I am finally going to try to add pictures to my blog! I'm sure in the blogging world it's an easy thing, but I am not very computer savvy, lol, and my loving and supportive CIO has been busy with work and projects of his own. So here we go...

This is the finished product! The Organized Office Bag from The Bag Making Bible by Lisa Lam, or as I have been referring to it "Dad's Bag" as it is my Dad's birthday present.

I had to learn so many new techniques for this bag, starting with working with Home Dec weight fabric, adding the twist locks (during which I shoved my seam ripper into my finger-ouch!)  making the adjustable strap, and attaching gussets (the sides.) The whole bag is lined with fleece and medium weight interfacing to keep it sturdy and protect his laptop.

Inside the bag I learned how to do a flush zip pocket, which was hard but ended up turning out very well. It also has a penholder pocket and an elastic top pocket, I put a water bottle in it for the picture but I'm sure my dad will use it for something else.

On the other side of the interior it has a laptop harness to keep his laptop from moving around. Even with the pockets full and the laptop in there he still has plenty of room to put in files or catalogs or whatever else his heart desires...except his golf clubs, which I know for SURE he carries in his car at all times, lol!


  1. Great job! That is so awesome. Dad will love it. Keep up the good work Rach.

  2. LOVE this one! I am going to be needing one of these. Put me on your list of projects and let me know the $$. PS. CAn I get a little more "girly"??

  3. Thanks Holly!! I can absolutely make it more girly! I am in the process of trying to find all the hardware I use at more affordable prices to help keep the cost of these down. As soon as I figure that out I'll let you know the cost of the bag and also give you some fabric choices :)

  4. You did a beautiful job sewing this bag! I found your blog on purse palooze! I guess I will have to buy this book as well!